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International office supplies and stationery Exhibition

Isot is one of the largest stationery and office products trade fairs in Asia and one of the five most important stationery fairs in the world. The world's leading office supplies and Stationery Trade Fair is the best place to purchase products made in Japan and all over the world, as well as a place to find new OEM / ODM partners. At the same time, the exhibition is also one of the trade exhibitions that can realize on-site orders in the industry, which is the charm of attracting industry experts from all over Japan to gather in Tokyo every year. Japan is the world's second largest stationery, office supplies and gift market, and the exhibition has become the key for stationery companies from all over the world to enter the Japanese market. The industries of buyers and sellers include large household goods suppliers, supermarkets, department stores and special goods stores. The audience categories include importers, import agents, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, enterprise users, large-scale retailers, stationery stores, department stores, supermarkets, discount stores, convenience stores, bookstores, gift shops, home centers, specialty stores, leisure goods and crafts stores, printing service stores, etc. In addition, Chinese enterprises also have the opportunity to conclude OEM agreements with a large number of large companies in the industry.
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