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General safety requirements for student supplies

Stationery in my country generally refers to the national compulsory standard GB 21027-2007 "General Requirements for the Safety of Student Supplies", which stipulates the safety requirements, test methods, inspection rules, markings and instructions for use of student supplies. The standard applies to minors. Students use watercolor paints, crayons, oil pastels, finger paints, plasticine, erasers, modified products (correction fluid, correction tape, correction pens), adhesives, watercolor pens, writing pens, markers, drawing rulers, this booklet , School bags, pencil cases, handmade scissors, stationery boxes, pencil sharpeners and other student supplies.

Do not choose stationery with too bright colors and stationery with too strong fragrance

Do not choose stationery with too bright colors and stationery with too strong fragrance GB 21027-2007 stipulates the maximum limit of 8 kinds of migration elements of antimony, arsenic, barium, chromium, cadmium, lead, mercury and selenium. You should try to avoid buying stationery with too bright colors, because the heavy metal content of stationery with too bright colors will easily exceed the standard. If students accidentally eat them, they will damage the liver and kidneys, and cause adverse effects on the blood system and bone development. The fragrance in stationery mainly comes from fragrance additives. Inferior fragrances often contain excessive formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances. Long-term contact with children, especially sniffing, sucking, biting, etc., can cause headaches, nausea, memory loss, and may also lead to leukemia, cancer and other more serious diseases, so you should try to avoid buying too strong fragrance or A product with a strong pungent odor.

Stationery has become a tool for children to use their imagination

There are many novel ideas in their children’s heads, and their hands-on skills are also very strong. The damage in the eyes of outsiders may be the creation of children. Sometimes, parents need to pay attention to their own behavior. When children are creating, we should not disturb them, let them play and develop their thinking. What we have to do is to guide them to create better and not to go wrong. For children's excessive wasteful behavior, as a parent, we must also make some responses to restrain the children.
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